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BY: Arthur Goldberg.

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Our Stories & Letters

"Our Stories" consists of autobiographies or essays written by women and men involved with JONAH who are willing to share their experiences as they journey out of homosexuality. This journey to wholeness is difficult - it takes courage to attempt to recover your God-given innate heterosexuality in the current politically correct climate (which unfortunately promotes homosexuality as merely an alternative life style and an unchangeable characteristic of the human personality).

You will note that not all these journeys are completed. Our criteria for inclusion in this section is not that the journey be over, but that the person has a sincere desire for freedom from same-sex attractions and has traveled a long way towards that goal. Some individuals have a longer road to travel, and some are content to have traveled part of the way and have decided to pause somewhere along the path to full heterosexual fantasy, arousal, behavior and identity. The primary goal of these stories is to feature individuals who were unhappy about their same-sex attractions, did not believe their feelings were innate, and had the "chutzpah" to try and become the person that God intended them to be.

JONAH is immensely grateful to the brave souls portrayed in "Our Stories." We will be continually adding to this section so please visit again.

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  A Happy Ending to my Daughter's Situational Lesbianism
     Author / Contributor :: Written By: Hope (Posted Nov. 2011)
  A JONAH Man Talks About His Bi-Sexuality (posted 2008)
      "Ultimately, I always believed that only a wife and children can bring true happiness to a man; any man who claims to be happy otherwise is, I believe, simply coping (perhaps effectively) with a pathology." Read More... (Posted Oct 2006)
     Author / Contributor :: Written by A
  A JONAH Wife Shares Her Husbands Healing Journey
      A JONAH Wife Shares Her Husband's Healing Journey ( 6/07)
     Author / Contributor :: by A JONAH Wife | (Posted February 2008)
  A Letter From the Wife of a JONAH Man Struggling With SSA
      "Yet, there are many conflicting emotions that I have gone through and still go through. It is not easy for me. But, generally, I have a feeling of acceptance and most of all, love, for my husband. I always believed I was there for him but now that I understand the causes of his issues and his occasional distance (I have taken the time to read the literature and educate myself), I am even more supportive. All of us have issues. None of us are perfect. If we are aware of our issues and work together as a team, as G-d intended, then we are living a life which is true to our faith and ourselves."Read More... (Posted Jan 2005)
     Author / Contributor :: Written by Rachel
  A Letter To Mom and Dad Concerning Childhood Wounds
      Thankfully, the vow of Stephen's Dad to forge a better relationship with his son in whatever form it needs to take, has, to date, been most encouraging and father and son are intensely working together to overcome their mutual past detachment from each other.]
     Author / Contributor :: Written By: Stephen (Posted March 2011)
  A Letter on Homosexual Pornography - excerpted from
     Author / Contributor :: Written By: Zandman, Dror ,Clinical Psychologist (Posted March 2012)
  A Long, Hard Road: How Reparative Therapy Saved My Life
     Author / Contributor :: BY: Daniel Meir Horowitz (Posted May 2012)
  A Struggler's Prayer
     Author / Contributor :: Paul from England
  An Epiphany About My SSA: The Relationship Between My Acting Out and My Need For a Best Friend
     Author / Contributor :: Written By: Nathan (Posted Jan. 2011)
  An Open Letter to Rabbis from an Ex-Gay Jewish Man
      "I belong to a group of men and women who very much need your help. We are a large group, but few know anything about us or even believe we exist. Who are we? We are Jewish men and women who feel homosexual attractions (and which many of us may have acted upon), but are very unhappy about having these feelings AND have come to understand that we were not 'born that way'." Read More... (Posted May 2004)
     Author / Contributor :: Written by Ryan-Meshoulam
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